Flynn’s QAnon Disinformation Army of Schills and Trolls

Flynn's Troll Army

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Michael Flynn Talking About Army Of Digital Soldiers

Watch the video clip:  Michael Flynn Talking About Army Of Digital Soldiers

Sample of comments left for the treasonous general on the original Youtube video:

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Finky & The Kids: Arthur Finkelstein & The ZioRussoHungarian Fake Right Nexus

Michael Flynn joins Cambridge Analytica

In 2013, the same year Bannon formed Cambridge Analytica and Trump was hanging out with the Agalarovs in Vegas and later Moscow, Michael Flynn would be the first US officer to be allowed inside the GRU, where he briefed their entire staff and gave them leadership OPD (7).

It has recently been revealed that Guccifer 2.0, who claimed to have hacked the DNC and Podesta and handed the files to Wikileaks, is a GRU officer (22).

Then, interestingly enough, in February 2014, Flynn met with a former employee of Sberbank (8) and a graduate student at Cambridge University, Svetlana Lokhova, whom had trusted access to Russian spy agency records and was writing a book about GRU spies. After the meeting, the two continued to communicate through email. Flynn would sign his emails as General Misha. Flynn did not disclose this meeting to US authorities and it’s believed the incident is linked to his dismissal from the Obama administration for insubordination (9).

To put this meeting between Flynn and ex-Sberbank employee Lokhova into context of the Trump-Russia scandal, just four months prior during the Miss Universe Moscow 2013 contest, Herman Greff of Sberbank and Donald Trump signed a letter of intent for a Trump Tower Moscow to be financed by Sberbank for $1.6 billion through Crocus Group owned by Russian oligarch Aras Agalarov (21).

In January 2014, just a month before Flynn first met Lokhova, Yulya Alferova, who hung out with Trump during Miss Universe Moscow 2013, tweeted her support for Trump’s presidential run well before Trump ever announced (23).

Flynn would eventually become an advisor for Cambridge Analytica (10).

Some background on Flynn

Flynn ran intelligence for the U.S.-led international coalition in Kabul and was pushing for more creative approaches to targeting Taliban networks, including use of data mining and social network analysis, according to McCulloh. (emphasis mine) (11)

That runs parallel to what Cambridge Analytica does.

After being fired, Flynn entered into consulting, founding Flynn Intelligence Group. FIG “began assembling a crew of former armed forces veterans with expertise in cyber, logistics and surveillance, and sought out ties with lesser-known figures and companies trying to expand their profiles as contractors in the military and intelligence spheres” (11).

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People need to start researching the political candidates on their own and stop being manipulated by data mining and artificial intelligence.  Trump fired Flynn to distance himself from the chicanery of Cambridge Analytica.  Practically nobody is blindly supporting Trump at this point, except for the paid internet trolls.

If you’re part of the Burning Man Movement, you need to see this video clip:  Steve Outtrim – The CIA Even


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