NY Governor Cuomo and Israel Innovation Authority Announce $2 Million Partnership #SmartCities

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During Solidarity and Trade Mission, Governor Cuomo and Israel Innovation Authority Announce $2 Million Partnership Agreement to Foster New Economic Development Opportunities Between the Two States

June 27, 2019

Smart Cities Innovation Partnership Will Share Innovative Technologies, Research, Talent and Business Resources Between Cities in New York and Israel

Hot Spot and Incubator Program Will Focus on Supporting Israeli Investments in New York Including in the Areas of Cybersecurity, UAS/Drones, Bio Technology, Life Sciences and Clean Energy

Announcement Made at Today’s Economic Development Roundtable to Identify Opportunities for Israeli Businesses to Partner with New York – See Photos Here

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a $2 million partnership agreement with the Israel Innovation Authority for two new programs that will further strengthen economic development ties between New York State and Israel. Empire State Development will sign a Declaration of Intent with the Israel Innovation Authority to cooperate on the co-development and commercialization of innovative solutions in the fields of cybersecurity, supply chain, smart cities, energy, unmanned aerial vehicles, life sciences and other areas. As part of the agreement, New York State and Israel will establish a Smart Cities Innovation Partnership, a new initiative that will share innovative technologies, research, talent and business resources between cities in New York and Israel. The Governor also announced that New York State’s Hot Spot and Incubator programs will now implement a new focus on Israeli companies who want to invest in the Empire State.

“The New York-Israel economic relationship is unique and it is strong, but we want to make it even better. The future of New York is going to be growth in the tech sector, and this joint venture between New York and Israel will develop new opportunities that allow both economies to thrive even further,” Governor Cuomo said. “With the rise in anti-Semitic attacks in our State and across the nation, we are here to say how sad, embarrassed and disgusted we are with these incidents, and that we will not let it stand. We will get over this ugly period of division and hatred, and one of the ways to do that is by continuing to develop this deep cultural, political and economic relationship.”

Dr. Ami Appelbaum, Chairman of the Israel Innovation Authority and Chief Scientist, Ministry of Economy and Industry said, “As technology advances and touches every facet of our daily lives, the future of Smart Cities is just around the corner and highly depends to new and innovative technologies. This collaboration between the ESD (Empire State Development of New York State) and the Israel Innovation Authority, facilitated by our Americas Operations desk and the Ministry of Economy, Foreign Trade Administration (FTA), headed by Mr. Inon Elroy, Economic Minister to North America, will provide startups an opportunity for pilot validation sites to address the strategic concerns of both States such as cybersecurity, supply chain, energy, health, transportation, wastewater, water, civic engagement, parks, public works, and safety.”

Declaration of Intent with Israel Innovation Authority

The Declaration of Intent (DOI) builds upon a 2018 MOU signed by NYSERDA and the Israel Innovation Authority to support partnerships between New York and Israel focusing on emerging clean energy projects that will accelerate the pace of innovation in the global marketplace. Empire State Development and the Israel Innovation Authority will sign a Declaration of Intent in which the State of New York and the Government of Israel pledge to:

  • Facilitate access for New York and Israeli startups and companies to accelerators and incubators in both places (including but not limited to the New York Hot Spot and Incubator Program);
  • Facilitate collaboration aiming to develop a “Smart Cities Innovation Partnership,” to which New York and Israel will contribute an equivalent amount of matching resources, and will provide adequate pilot and validation sites for the participating companies in both States addressing the strategic concerns of both States such as cybersecurity, supply chain, energy, health, transportation, wastewater, water, civic engagement, parks, public works and safety;
  • Issue joint solicitations for Innovation projects and organizing activities for entities from the State of Israel and New York State that promote cooperation in Innovation between entities from the State of Israel and from New York State; and
  • Establish a working group to explore these and other ways to work together on the Smart Cities Innovation Partnership and other innovation programs.

Smart Cities Innovation Partnership

The Smart Cities Innovation Partnership, which will include Empire State Development and the Israel Innovation Authority, will issue a grant to establish five Smart Cities in Regional Economic Development Council (REDC) regions in New York and test bed sites in Israel. The sites in New York and Israel will partner to provide opportunities for companies to explore new markets and resources to assist with business development, technology acceleration and mentorship. Empire State Development, in conjunction with the Israel Innovation Authority, will issue a $2 million grant to support the Smart Cities Innovation Partnership, with each agency contributing a 1:1 grant match. Cities participating in the Partnership should have similar concerns and strategic goals.

In each city, areas will be designated to serve as a testbed for one of the following purposes:

  • New and emerging technology
  • Cybersecurity
  • Supplier chain
  • Real time monitoring of utilities
  • Removing water contaminants
  • Testing UAS and/or autonomous vehicles
  • Traffic flow systems

The Partnership will also invite global entrepreneurs, academics, technologists and companies to test, develop and validate their innovative technologies. Partnerships will include opportunities for students and workers to further develop their knowledge and experiences. Each Smart City will host an annual Future of Technology day that includes opportunities for companies to explore new markets.

New York State’s Hot Spot and Incubator Programs to Implement New Focus on Israeli Companies

New York State’s Hot Spot and Incubator programs, a $5.125 million program, will implement a new focus on Israeli companies. The program provides support to numerous technology sectors, including cybersecurity, UAS/drones, bio technology, life sciences, clean energy, energy efficiency and the prioritization of MWBE inclusion. Incubators and hot spots will offer services to new companies, further establishing New York State as a hub for collaborative commercialization.

A reciprocal agreement will be in place to have New York State companies have space and support from Israeli Accelerators and Incubators, and both Israeli and New York program managers will actively scout and recruit companies to participate in this program.

Empire State Development’s Division of Science, Technology and Innovation (NYSTAR) manages the Hot Spot and Incubator Program, which includes over 30 centers focused on assisting early-stage companies and advancing technology.

Incubators and Hot Spots will also work with SUNY and CUNY to develop training opportunities for students and other collaborations.

Additional services provided by the Incubators and Hot Spots include mentoring, advising, access to boot camp workshops, technical support for commercializing research, physical space and access to researchers and equipment.

Empire State Development President, CEO and Commissioner Howard Zemsky said, “New York’s economic partnership with Israel is an important part of the growth and innovation that supports both, and these new partnerships will strengthen economic cooperation on a range of priorities, from drones to life sciences, and benefit New York and Israeli companies and entrepreneurs.”

SUNY Chancellor Kristina M. Johnson said, “Educating the next generation of highly skilled workers is at the core of SUNY’s mission and we are thrilled to be part of this exciting new collaboration with Israel.  This key partnership will provide our students with a unique access to groundbreaking advancements in research within the technology sector, which will once again establish New York as a leader in innovation and higher education.”

Source:  https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/during-solidarity-and-trade-mission-governor-cuomo-and-israel-innovation-authority-announce-2

Cuomo Seeks Israeli Know-How for Fix to Struggling New York Subway

June 26, 2019

by Henry Goldman

  • Billions of dollars for transit upgrades are up for grabs
  • Governor says he wants to show support for the Jewish state

In an effort to find the cheapest fix for New York subways plagued by shutdowns due to century-old signaling technology, Governor Andrew Cuomo is making a one-day visit to Israel to meet with companies developing innovative navigation systems.

Israel’s Technion, its primary engineering university, will host a meeting Friday between the governor and 25 entrepreneurs, engineers and academics specializing in biomedicine, drone technology and transportation, Cuomo said at a news conference Wednesday.

“You have tremendous growth in navigational systems,” Cuomo said. “Why don’t these companies think about an application for train and rail?”

In January, Cuomo complained about perennial construction-cost overruns at the subway-operating Metropolitan Transportation Authority, decrying what he described as a “transportation-industrial complex” that discourages innovation by routinely awarding contracts to the same companies. After consulting with engineers from Cornell and Columbia universities, he proposed a way to repair a subway tunnel under the East River without a major shutdown. He has sought fresh advice on regional transportation ever since.

“We’re throwing out old ways of thinking and we’re identifying new technologies to get rehabilitation work done smarter and faster,” said MTA Managing Director Veronique Hakim, who is joining Cuomo on the trip. “It’s an important opportunity for us to open the door to new relationships at the MTA, to seek new technology on signal and navigation systems and encourage competition on MTA projects moving forward. Israel has made noteworthy advancements.”

The governor’s trip began shortly after he held a Manhattan news conference Wednesday, aides said. He’s scheduled to arrive in Israel on Thursday, returning to New York on Friday evening. In addition to drones, health care and transit technology, state economic development officials will try to lure businesses that work in fields such as clean energy, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and information technology, the governor said.

Another reason for the trip is to express solidarity with Israel and to express outrage at a jump in antisemitic incidents across the U.S. In New York state, where more Jews live than anywhere outside Israel, there has been an 83% increase in such incidents over the past two years, Cuomo said.

Source:  https://www.bloomberg.com/cybersecurity

Bi BI’S Got A Kill Switch | No One Is Safe

Power Outages in NYC and Washington DC  Kill Switches

E. Coli Detected In Long Beach Water Supply, Boil Order Issued

June 21, 2019

LONG BEACH, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The Nassau County Department of Health has issued a boil order in the city of Long Beach.

Standard tests conducted Friday morning detected strains of E. coli bacteria in a distribution sample collected from the Long Beach water system, according to County Executive Laura Curran.

As a result, county officials have ordered a boil water advisory for anyone that uses the City of Long Beach water system. Those 35,000 residents are cautioned to boil all water for one minute before using or to stick to bottled water until further notice.

A line was already forming Friday afternoon at one of three stations set up by the state where they handed out 33,000 bottles of water.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo says his office is prepared to send more bottled water Saturday and Sunday as needed.

Long Beach residents should use boiled or bottled water for drinking, making ice, preparing food, washing dishes and brushing teeth.

In the meantime, Dr. Larry Eisenstein, the commissioner of the county health department, reassures the public that this is all precautionary.

“I want to be very clear. We have not identified an ill resident yet. We do not have a case of E. coli, and I don’t believe we will,” he said.

He cautions that all residents throw out any ice cubes they’ve made. Some further tips to stay safe include:

  • Avoid ingesting water while bathing
  • Supervise children and disabled individuals to ensure water is not ingested
  • Use dishwasher with hot wash of 170 degrees or hand-wash dishes with boiled water

If you believe you have been infected by the bacteria, you’re urged to contact authorities. E. coli exposure symptoms include diarrhea, abdominal cramps, nausea, vomiting and fever.

Source:  https://newyork.cbslocal.com/2019/06/21/long-beach-boil-water-order-e-coli/

American Water Awarded Contract from Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development

…from 2013 (some links have conveniently been scrubbed by American Water)

American Water Awarded Contract from Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation

VOORHEES, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)– American Water (NYS: AWK) , the nation’s largest publicly traded water and wastewater utility company, today announced it is a partner to a $1.8 million, 2-year award from the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation along with Steam Control Ltd. for the development of an advanced pressured management system.

This research project demonstrates the feasibility of installing modifications on existing pressure system controls that could reduce pressure in a system in response to reduced customer demand. International efforts to reduce leakage have confirmed that reducing excessive pressure not only reduces the volume of leaks through pipes but reduces the frequency of pipe failures. The expected outcome of the project will enable average reduction of water leakage significantly.

« Increasing operational efficiency by reducing water waste is a major priority at American Water and for many utilities around the world, » said Dr. Mark LeChevallier, Director of Innovation and Environmental Stewardship at American Water. « Leakage in public water systems is a common problem, undermining water-resource efficiency and resulting in loss of purified drinking water, wasting the energy and material resources used in abstraction and treatment. This innovation can automatically reduce water pressures under low flow and will result in less water leakage and reduced non-revenue water. We also believe this project will reduce the number of main breaks that occur. »

This is the first BIRD Foundation award for American Water and Steam Control Ltd. This project is part of the company’s Innovation Development Process. American Water used its industry-leading position to launch the Innovation Development Process in 2009 to drive innovation and support the development of new products. The program tests new ideas, both from within the company and from business partners, to create greater efficiencies in strategic areas such as water reuse, desalination, wastewater operations and bio-energy.

About BIRD Foundation

The BIRD (Binational Industrial Research and Development) Foundation works to encourage cooperation between Israeli and American companies in the various areas of technology, and provides free assistance in locating strategic partners from both countries for developing joint products.

The BIRD Foundation supports projects without receiving any rights in the participating companies or in the project itself. The financial assistance is repaid as royalties from sales. The Foundation provides support of up to 50% of a project’s budget, beginning with R&D and ending with the initial stages of sales and marketing. The Foundation shares the risk and does not demand that the investment be repaid if the project fails to reach the sales stage.

About Steam Control Ltd.

Stream Control Ltd. is an Israeli start-up company, which has developed Aqua-Guard, a patented electronic controller which integrates elements of hardware, software and hydraulics targeting a reduction of 25 percent of total water loss. The company has successfully completed a first pilot project in the city of Jerusalem and is currently launching the product in Israel, Brazil and the UK.

About American Water

Founded in 1886, American Water is the largest publicly traded U.S. water and wastewater utility company. With headquarters in Voorhees, N.J., the company employs approximately 6,700 dedicated professionals who provide drinking water, wastewater and other related services to an estimated 14 million people in more than 30 states and parts of Canada. More information can be found at www.amwater.com.

Source:  http://www.israel-industries.com/american-water-awarded-contract-from-israel-u-s-binational-industrial-research-and-development-foun/

Bi-National and International Funds – BIRD

State of Israel has joint research funds with the countries listed in the table. These funds require collaborative projects between researchers from the respective countries.


The U.S. Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service are using Opportunity Zones to help law enforcement turn sections of cities into federally funded surveillance zones.

Is there no end to Big Brother’s desire to turn America into a mirror image of Communist China? (Palestine)

New York is being taken over by the Israelis.  If you’re skeptical, look at PennsylvaniaThe Feds’ 9,000 “Opportunity Zones” Will Allow Law Enforcement To Spy On 35 Million People

Lekem, BIRD, BARD & BSF: Covert and Legal Ways Soviet Israel Transfers United States’ Technology

The agency which planted, protected, and paid Jonathan Pollard is the Israeli-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation, an intergovernment organiza­tion which acts as a channel between the U.S. Treasury and State Department and the Israeli Defense Ministry and Mos­sad. The organization is a product of Henry Kissinger’s ten­ure at the State Department, and one of dozens which have been used to run joint U.S.-Israeli covert operations, of the sort typified by the Iran-Contra sales. Key BIRD activists include: Meir Amit, the former director of both the Mossad and Israeli military intelligence.

Yuval Ne’eman, minister of science and develop­ment, the former deputy director of military intelligence, and father of the Israeli nuclear bomb. Dan Tolkowsky, former chief of the Israeli Air Force, and founder of one of Israel’s top arms smuggling firms, Elron-Elbit. Itzhak Ya’akov, former chief scientist of the Israeli Defense Ministry, founder of BIRD, and currently U.S. sta­tion chief for the Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency, LEKEM. Rafi Eytan, LEKEM chief and Pollard task-master. Harold Katz, counsel of the Israeli Defense Ministry and BIRD. Dr. Jordan Baruch, former assistant secretary at the U.S. Commerce Department.

Pollard was paid for his espionage by BIRD’s counsel, Harold Katz. He was tasked by the Israeli Defense Ministry’s intelligence agency, LEKEM, whose U.S. station chief is Itzhak Ya’akov. Pollard was protected by a network within the U.S. Justice Department, including former Criminal Di­vision director William F. Weld, and former Deputy Attor­ney General Arnold I. Bums, who are both linked to BIRD. The BIRD Foundation was established by treaty arrange­ment between the United States and Israel in 1977, based on discussions held in 1975 when Kissinger was Secretary of State. Its sister organization, the Binational Agricultural Re­search and Development (BARD) foundation, was formed the same year. Both organizations were modeled on the Binational Science Foundation (BSF), another U.S.-Israeli or­ganization, that had been formed under Kissinger in 1973. As their names imply, the three organizations, which have overlapping governing boards, officially sponsor joint U.S.-Israeli industrial, agricultural, and basic scientific re­search.

Read more and watch the video:  Lekem, BIRD, BARD & BSF: Covert and Legal Ways Soviet Israel Transfers United States’ Technology


by Brendon O’Connell

New York is teaming with 5000 Israeli high tech start up I.T personnel. A large portion are graduates of Unit 8200 and other Israeli military intelligence programs. A good portion are formally or informally associated with Russian intelligence and pose a huge security risk.

We discuss the implications for Israel being the center of the coming Pentagon Cloud JEDI – Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure. Microsoft and Amazon are head to head. This is a looming, embarrassing, gigantic security catastrophe. And WHERE is the discussion on this issue?

Assaf Rappaport, CEO of Microsoft and graduate of both the Unit 8200 and Talpiot Program is highly likely to be handling the Pentagon Cloud contract. [Shaking head in disbelief].


For more information on Operation Talpiot:  Operation Talpiot


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