The Don, The Donald, and the Network (The Dirt on Christopher Wray, Donald Trump & Fred Trump)

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The Don, The Donald, and the Network

The Evolution of Donald Trump, Fred Trump, and the Russian mafia.

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Trump, Russia & 9/11 | Our president is a longtime money-launderer who remains beholden to the Russian mob’s “boss of bosses” Semion Mogilevich.

March 13, 2019

by Jeff Buckley

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One “day we’re all assured that Iraq is under control, the UN inspectors have done their work, everything’s fine, not to worry. The next day the bombing begins. One day we’re told a shadowy figure with no fixed address named Osama bin-Laden is public enemy number one, and U.S. jetfighters lay waste to his camp in Afghanistan. He escapes under some rock…” — Donald J. Trump, “The America We Deserve” (St. Martin’s Press, 2000)

“In October 2001, a month after the destruction of the Twin Towers in New York and the attack on the Pentagon in Washington by al-Qaeda suicide bombers, it emerged that the man who controlled them, Osama bin Laden, had acquired a copy of the still highly secret Promis software.

Editor’s note:  Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Superspy (Israel stole the PROMIS software)

The version of Promis provided to bin Laden came from a former FBI agent, Robert Hanssen. For years he had been a Russian spy inside the FBI. He had passed over the latest version of Promis to his handlers in Moscow. They had sold on a copy to Simeon Mogilevich for the reputed sum of $3 million. He had sold it on to bin Laden for an undisclosed price.” [“Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy” by Gordon Thomas and Martin Dillon, page 346 (Da Capo Press, 2003)]

Editor’s note:  On February 18, 2001, Robert Philip Hanssen was arrested and charged with committing espionage on behalf of the intelligence services of the former Soviet Union and its successors. He pled guilty to 15 counts of espionage on July 6, 2001 and was sentenced to prison without the possibility of parole. Hanssen is considered the most damaging spy in FBI history. Below are a press release issued following his arrest and a statement by then-FBI Director Louis Freeh. Also read the affidavit.

In 2001, a number of stories — in the Washington Times, Washington Post, and Fox News — reported that PROMIS-derivative software provided to the Soviets by Hanssen had found its way to bin Laden.” (Jasper, 2009)

The book “Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy” unveils Maxwell’s “amazing dexterity in balancing his spying activities with his global business empire of over 400 companies — before what the book controversially claims was his assassination at the hands of a right-wing cabal within Mossad. …

The authors claim that Maxwell was [Semion] Mogilevich’s bagman for nearly five years. He even organised Israeli passports for the gangster and 23 of his associates in 1988.

Long-serving US senator John Tower and his family lost their lives through the fallout from the Promis project — along with 20 other passengers on the private plane that exploded over New Brunswick in the summer of 1991, just months before Maxwell’s death.

Tower was a senior figure in Reagan’s Republican Party before he retired and started working as a consultant for Maxwell. Maxwell’s murderers are believed to have been the same men responsible for putting the bomb on Tower’s plane. 

[Maxwell’s] global connections were unequalled at the time. … His links with Russia ran all the way back to the Krushchev era of the 1960s

He … also regularly dined with senior Communist figures, such as Bulgarian leader Todor Zhivkov, East German boss Erich Honecker and secret service figures including KGB supremo Vladimir Kryuchkov and East German superspy Markus Wolff.

Maxwell’s close contacts within the KGB played a vital role in helping him to organise safe passage for 300,000 Russian Jews to Israel during the height of the Cold War in the 1980s. 

As well as working for Israel, the authors claim, he was a conduit for the Communist security services. His previously undisclosed role in setting up hundreds of front companies headed by former members of the KGB, East German Stasi and Bulgarian secret service goes some way towards explaining the current close links between business and organised crime in former Iron Curtain countries.” (McMahon, 2002)

The following excerpts are from Citizen Journalists Consortium (emphasis added):

TheAmerican: former DEA and FBI agent, Bob Levinson. While at the FBI, Levinson pursued the world’s most wanted criminals to keep America safe. He hunted the mob. …

In 1999, Tom Mangold interviewed Bob Levinson for the BBC. They discussed Levinson’s biggest target: a man leading a conglomerate of international criminals who were coming to America’s shores.

From his home in Broward County, Florida, Levinson gave this warning, “Criminals are coming in who are wealthier and more vicious than any of the criminals that you, or anybody on the continent, have ever seen. As far as I’m concerned, they’re the most dangerous people on earth.” 

The Mangold interview happened after Levinson had left the FBI’s organized crime unit to work in the private sector. But, as Levinson told Mangold, there was a case he could not quit. He had a job that was unfinished. The master hunter had a target.

On November 17, 1998, something extraordinary happened in Moscow. A high-ranking member of the organized crime unit at the FSB (Russia’s FBI) held a press conference. His name was Alexander Litvinenko, and he told the world that Russia’s intelligence and law enforcement agencies had been taken over by organized crime. He called Russia, “A Mafia State.”

One year later, Vladimir Putin became President of Russia. But during Litvinenko’s final months at the FSB organized crime unit, Putin was his boss.

On July 5, 1998, Putin was appointed by President Yeltsin as Director of the FSB. He had found his way to the position of top law enforcement officer in all of Russia on weak qualifications — and after serving a stint as Deputy Mayor of St. Petersburg. We … state here for you to know now: 1) St. Petersburg’s Mayor was a politician owned and controlled by the Russian mob; 2) Putin was hand-picked by this same mob to ascend to power, because he is their puppet. …

The FSB is the very agency that Litvinenko warned the world about at that press conference four months after Putin’s appointment as its director. This is the agency that Litvinenko said was being run by the mob. 

Our research indicates that this is the very same mob that Bob Levinson warned us was sending criminals to our shores. And like all mobs, there is always a Don. A boss. A head of “The Family.”

On December 31, 1999, when Vladimir Putin was first elected, this Don controlled the President of Russia. …

Both Bob Levinson and Alexander Litvinenko hunted the most brilliant, dangerous, powerful, criminal mastermind the world has ever seen.


Semion Mogilevich goes by many names, and we will use some of them interchangeably throughout our reporting. Mogilevich, the “Boss of Bosses,” is also known in Russia and to international intelligence agencies as Don Semyon, “The Brainy Don.”

To introduce Mogilevich, [BBC’s] Tom Mangold gave this summary. Pay attention to the date. …

“In May 1995, the FBI together with Russian, German, and Italian offices, produced [a] devastating report on organized crime, naming Mogilevich as leader of an organization with some 250 members. Mogilevich’s main activities are listed as arms dealing, trading nuclear material, prostitution, drug dealing, oil deals, and money laundering.

1995. That’s the date.

In 1995, Bob Levinson was still with the FBI. Alexander Litvinenko was at the FSB in Moscow. Both men hunted one organized crime syndicate above all others. We believe that this report must have passed through both of their hands. We know, through many reports on their individual histories, that both of our hunters were on Mogilevich’s trail. They were the experts on Don Semyon. 

The Soviet Union collapsed. In the vacuum of leadership — of policy — of governmental order, a few hungry souls made a mad grab for state resources. They were the original seven oligarchs, called “The Magnificient Seven.” And they were all bankers.

One of these first seven bankers, Mikhail Fridman — the founder of ALFABANK, is Semion Mogilevich’s partner. With the “Brainy Don” inside an economic engine, the operational infrastructure for a global crime syndicate had its funding. “Alfa” (sometimes spelled “Alpha”) became the brand under which an empire was born.

With a bank behind him, all that was left to do for Semion was take out the “hunters.” He began locally — in Russia. Semion launched his attack on Russian intelligence and law enforcement, using his leverage over politicians to compromise any and all checks and balances against his own mob.

Here is a link to a supporting article, which provides an analysis on how Putin was used to help execute Semion’s strategy for turning Russia into a Mafiya State. It provides a brief historical narrative on the early moves of Semion’s mob after the fall of the Soviet Empire, and provides further resource links for you to read and explore: THE UNFATHOMABLE RISE OF ORGANIZED CRIME PUPPET, VLADIMIR PUTIN.

Editor’s note:  Putin’s Reign of Terror, The Russian Deception, and China’s Communist New Silk Road

So that you understand, here, what we are revealing to you about Putin and Semion, we have obtained video of Semion Mogilevich at Vladmir Putin’s campaign headquarters in 2000 — watching his man ascend to the Presidency. This is five years after a global intelligence report on Semion’s mafia empire.

You will see Don Semyon looking back to the camera at 1:15.

Read more:  Trump, Russia & 9/11 | Our president is a longtime money-launderer who remains beholden to the Russian mob’s “boss of bosses” Semion Mogilevich.

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