Russian Defector Yuri Bezmenov: Barbarians Inside the Gates

The USA is at this moment a destabilized nation on the way to crisis. In this interview from 1984, Yuri Bezmenov articulates the method.  Everything Yuri Bezmenov says about Marxist Liberals can be said about Neocon “Conservatives” who put wars for Israel ahead of their own country’s safety and security.  Whenever there is a war (for the banksters), Americans lose more of their liberties.

Yuri Bezmenov – KGB Defector on “Useful Idiots” and the True Face of Communism

Published (mirrored) on December 17, 2014 courtesy of Tim Hayes

Yuri Bezmenov: Psychological Warfare Subversion & Control of Western Society (Complete)

Published (mirrored) on February 23, 2011 courtesy of GBPPR2

Irving Kristol 2/6 – Father of Neoconservatism

Kristol stated, “We’re going to convert all Christians to Marxism”.

Published (mirrored) on February 12, 2013 courtesy of AustralianNeoCon2

HOW ISRAEL RULES – “BARBARIANS INSIDE THE GATES” – Unfinished first draft…introduction only.

“One of our countrymen has said that we, as a people, are an organized majority. Another has said that we are revolutionaries because we are conservers of ourselves. In the management of the new world we give proof of our organization both for revolution and for conservation. Our organization for revolution is evidenced by destructive Bolshevism and for construction by the creation of the League of Nations which is also our work. Bolshevism is the accelerator and the League is the brake on the mechanism of which we supply both the motive force and the guiding power. What is the end? It is already determined by our mission. Israel is a synthetic and homogeneous nation. It is formed of elements scattered throughout the whole world, but cast in the flame of our faith in ourselves. We are a League of Nations which contains the elements of all others. It is this fact which qualifies us to unite the nations around us. We are accused of being the agent which dissolves them. It is only at points which are impervious to that synthesis of national elements, of which ours is both the example and the means, that we act as a dissolvent. We do not break the surface except to awaken in the depths below the affinities which do not yet recognize each other. We are not the greatest divisor of the nations except to become their greatest common federator. Israel is the microcosm of the germ of the City of the Future.”

— Charles de Beaupoil, comte de Saint-Aulaire, Geneva Versus Peace, pgs 83-4

Watch the video on the archive:  How Israel Rules — Barbarians Inside The Gates

Published (mirrored) on October 1, 2018 courtesy of Brendon O’Connell


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