Gurudas – They Thought They Were Free

Treason: The New World Order

Comprehensive analysis of Patriot movement and New World Order. A reference work with 833 footnotes. Warnings from many authorities about a corporate police state. Hundreds of influential people call for a one world government, end of U.S. sovereignty, end of the U.S. Constitution, transference of the U.S. military to the UN, and a global police force.

The UN is to become the center of a world government. The destruction of nationalism, patriotism, property rights, and the family unit is promoted. All nations must ultimately join a world government and those who resist will be attacked. The media never discusses this. Topics reviewed: corporate dominance, the secret government, state sovereignty vs. federal control, out of control intelligence community, Oklahoma bombing and cover-up, left and right working together, hidden U.S. history, role of the militias in U.S. history, past martial law in the U.S., murder as a political weapon, GATT and NAFTA, radiation/biological experiments on people, and a corporate plot for a dictatorship in the 1930s which Congress confirmed.

Buy the book:  Treason: The New World Order

or read it (audio available) for free:  Treason – The New World Order – Gurudas 1996

Gurudas – They Thought They Were Free

Gurudas explains the planned invasion of the United States by Russia and/or China.  Costco is run by the Chinese military.  American ports controlled by China are listed in the video.  Shocking truths are exposed in this video about the New World Order’s plans.

Watch the video:

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