Medical Alternatives

Alzheimers Prevention

July 20, 2017 by Rhonda Johansson *Excerpted from Natural News (Natural News) Alzheimer’s disease is an insidious illness; often developing without indication and leaving patients and families alike with a heavy burden. The latest statistics reveal […]

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Rockefeller Medicine

Updated March 13, 2018 by Jon Rappoport  Why does modern medicine have a big problem with natural health? Well, there is the money, of course. When millions of people forego expensive and toxic medical drugs; when […]

Medical Alternatives

Ginseng For Endurance

Ginseng For Endurance Recently I’ve started using 800 Milligrams of Korean Red Ginseng every day,  to try to improve my energy levels. I hadn’t noticed anything within the first few weeks but didn’t know really […]